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VA Workers Deny Vets Their Benefits & Get Big Bonuses

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Art Bernklau’s Corner:
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V.A. Workers Deny Veteran’s Rights and Get Big Bonuses
Article by Arthur Bernklau of Veterans for Constitutional Law, Ltd.
reprinted from “The Eagle” April – June 2001 with permission from the author

(The views in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Eagle.)

When Congress passed USC
[1] Title 18, Section 5902(a), the “gravy train” statute, I don't think they realized they were creating an organization that would one day become so powerful it would intimidate and terrify both Congress and the Senate.

That creation was the National Veterans Service Organizations.

Back Copies

Readers who have previously read my commentary on “The Organizations:” “Veterans Betray Veterans for VA Freebies and Tax Exempt Status”, will have an insight on the following, flow-ever, if you are a new reader you may want to order that back issue.

When the extremely unfair, anti-veteran statutes of “The Organizations” were enacted, it took away veterans rights of access to a fair, impartial hearing a real or normal court and deprived them of their Constitutional right to attorneys of their choosing.

No Idea

Congress had no idea that “The Organizations”, whose members were originally appointed, and recruited into representing disable veterans in their VA claims, would be so self-serving. The law says only one thing: The VA secretary, at his discretion (three key words), may give free office space to “The Organizations”.

A very liberal interpretation of this statute gives “The Organizations” rent free office space, free heating and electricity, free telephone, postage, furniture, stationary, computer equipment, and a tax exempt status; sometimes a staff to run the office; and the expense of dumping or trashing most of the disabled veterans' claims. This is payback, at taxpayer expense, to “Mother VA.” No more than 4% (the hidden quota) will ever win LL1 their claims entirely.

“The Organizations” have always been intimidated by the three key words “at his discretion). Consequently whenever a congressman, due to pressure from his veteran constituents, tried to pass a bill to bring VA decisions under judicial review from a normal court, the VA would intimidate “The Organizations” into testifying against passing any pro-veterans' legislation.

Corrupt Outrageousness

It reached its zenith of corrupt, outrageousness when Gail A. Gompf, the Intergovernmental Affairs director of the VA, sent a blackmail-intimidation letter to all “The Organizations.” urging that the judicial review bill H.S. 585, which was geared toward putting an end to the VA's and “The Organizations” arrogance and thievery, be defeated.

From that point, the threatened “Organizations” saw the side of the bread that the VA would butter, as long as they stayed in line, and opposed the judicial review. “The Organizations” never disagreed with “Mother VA” again.

Upgrades Given

It is a fact that the leadership of “The Organizations” very often go to work for the VA, and many times as attorneys for the congressional and senatorial veterans' committees and the VA's Court of Ii Veterans Appeals.

Rufus Wilson, who ran the T National Veterans Service Organizations, became the second or third highest official in the VA, and finally became the legal counsel for the House Veterans Affairs Committee. If you want to talk about a conflict of interest - this is truly the iron triangle.

Claims Hidden

Some of “The Organizations” members, together with their VA cohorts, have been responsible for hiding and destroying disabled veterans' claims files in order to deny compensation claims. (This is a federal crime).

These “Organizations” members supported the appointment of Donald Iver, former VA chief counsel for judge at the Court of Veterans Appeals. He had previously testified before Congress that he considers veterans' benefits as gratuities or gifts.

Not a Real Court

His decisions since his appointment only substantiate the fact the Court of Veterans Appeals is not a real court but a cruel farce.

They are now supporting Undersecretary Joseph Thompson to succeed the current secretary. Thompson ran the VA's regional office for 10 years and had the third worse adjudication rate in the nation.

Former VA Secretary Jesse Brown, while he was the executive director of the Disabled American Veterans' magazine, was pandering the VA job for three years, is credited for making the following statement in the magazine:

Hot Topics

“We have to be mindful of our responsibility for the preservation of the VA disability compensation system and its integrity, and support the Center for Disease Control findings, we also commend the VA for its quick action granting veterans with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma disability compensation.

Quick Action? Give me a break. It took 25 years and two court decisions to get the VA to move, and about the integrity of the VA compensation system? Just ask any veteran with a perfectly viable claim walking the corridors of time for 20, 30, 40 years or more, and wondering why he hasn't been paid for his claim.

“The Organizations” have a joke: “Putting Veterans Last”, which is taken from the sign outside of most veterans' hospitals, “Putting Veterans First.”

Art Bernklau’s Corner:
This article posted on:
This article is posted by Net4TruthUSA Ministries

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[1] USC - United States Code
[2] Commonly abbreviated NVSO


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